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Dru Hepkins is a singer, song writer musician and music producer.  He is also an activist and a very popular writer/blogger with well over a million hits covering many controversial social issues.  Dru Hepkins has currently amassed over 12 literary awards including seven Editor's Choice accolades here on Hubpages.com.

Dru Hepkins had his own very popular and controversial column in his college newspaper "The Wagnerian".  He never abandoned his call to writing later writing for True Magazine, MVRemix and becoming part of The NY Newsday Impulse Review Team.  Musically Dru Hepkins has written and composed music with various labels like Blanco Y NegroCatch 22, and Vendetta Records, in several music genres from House music on down to what he coins "Urban Progressive Rock".  He's written and performed on many successful Dance and House music compilations played all over the world.  Dru Hepkins most consistently caters to a loyal underground following with an eclectic alternative sound.


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